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World Grooves

Fusion  Band

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Formed in 1991, The Scoobs are a 6 piece World Groove Fusion Band whose sound is unique and infectious, a blend of funk, world, rock and reggae rhythms, melded with strong melodies, vocal harmonies and up-front Afro-Latin percussion. The Scoobs are all about the dance grooves.


The bands material comprises mainly original compositions, although there are some more tribal sounding feels with lots of percussion (and some didgeridoo), and some well chosen covers. The latter ranged from a well worn but effective warhorse like ‘Low Rider’, to the rarely revisited classic ‘Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)’.


The band have released one studio album 'IS IT NOW?' comprising mostly of their own songs. Click here to have a listen to some of the tracks.


Have a look around our web pages to hear some of our music, or find out more about the bands 30 year long history. 

Click on the Gigs tabs to find out about our big 30 celebration taking place over the weekend 3rd/4th September 2022


                   If you want to get in touch or have a booking enquiry, hit the contact us button - Hasta pronto!


The Scoobs

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